Our Mandate

The mandate of the Asian American Law Journal is to publish commentary, analyses, and research on the experiences and concerns of Asian Americans. We believe that to advance the Asian American movement, we must recognize the diversity among Asian American communities and cultivate scholarship that promotes understanding and empowerment in order to foster resistance to oppression and the achievement of justice.

The movement includes, but is not limited to, the intersections of gender, class, sexual orientation, religion and race. We recognize the histories of Pacific Islanders and support those who choose to maintain distinct community identities.

In solidarity with all peoples who have been subordinated, we embrace the opportunity to publish works that address issues relating to all marginalized communities. The mission of our journal is to speak truth to power; to borrow from poet Janice Mirikitani, "We give testimony. Our noise is dangerous."

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June 2011

Volume 18

Volume 18 was produced during the 2010-2011 school year.


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