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Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Process
The Uniform Domain-name Dispute Resolution Process (UDRP) was created in 1999 as a way of quickly and cheaply dispensing with cybersquatting cases. Although not an official court proceeding, the UDRP is creating quasi-legal precedent in domain name battles.

Today, the UDRP is the trademark holder's first punch -- the prelude to a court battle. With more than 80% of UDRP cases resulting in transfer of the disputed domain from the registrant to the trademark holder, free speech and trademark fair use are threatened on the Net.

Boalt students can learn about the UDRP and get credit toward the Center for Law and Technology's Law-Tech Certification program by following the steps below.

UDRP Resources

ICANN's Official UDRP Homepage
The official page of the UDRP.
UDRP Policy
Everyone who registers a domain name must agree to this policy.
UDRP Rules
Arbitrators must follow these rules when weighing cases arising under the UDRP.
UDRP Cases

  • By Commencement Date
  • By Domain Name
    UDRP Case Summaries
    Free UDRP cases summaries provided by Domain Name Law Reports.
    UDRP Monthly Case Digest
    UDRP cases summaries by M. Scott Donahey. Includes monthly analysis of signicant decisions.
    UDRP Research Engine
    Search technology provided by Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society.
    UDRP Policy and Procedure Guide
    A short overview of the UDRP Policy and procedures in application. By Zak Muscovitch, publisher Domain Name Law Reports.
    Online UDRP Course
    "Using ICANN's UDRP" an in-depth online CLE course by the Berkman Center.
    Statistical Study of UDRP Cases
    Proffessor Milton Mueller's study entitiled "Rough Justice: An analysis of ICANN's Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy."

    News Articles About the UDRP

    What To Do With Domain Disputes? Wired News
    ICANN't Believe That Domain Name
    Wired News
    Streamlining Domain Squabbles Wired News

    Law and Technology Certification Program
    Through, Boalt students of all levels can get credit toward their Law and Technology certificate by helping Domain Name Law Reports summarize UDRP cases.

    With few legal research tools available for the UDRP, DNLR's volunteer editorial staff is fulfilling a much needed service by providing free access to UDRP case summaries.

    By completing 10 case summaries for DNLR, Boalt students can get credit on the group's masthead and a referral letter from the publisher. Doing so through also fulfills one semester of work for a Boalt technology organization as required by the Law-Tech Certificate Program. You can learn about the UDRP by summarizing cutting-edge cases and also further the public interest in intellectual property by putting free legal information on the Net.

    Sign up to's mailing list to find out the details of our UDRP training session. Requirements
    1. Learn about the UDRP -- Educate yourself. Read the following resources:

  • UDRP Policy and Procedure Guide

  • Official UDRP Policy

  • Official UDRP Rules

  • ICANN'T Believe That Domain Name
  • Streamlining Domain Squabbles
    2. Follow DNLR's Requirements Below -- In order to get credit for your work, you will need to supply with a copy of your referral letter from DNLR.

    DNLR Requirements

    Students interested in Internet law and Intellectual Property. No background is necessary, except for an appreciation and basic understanding of Internet law and web sites. The number of students who are able to participate is unlimited. Over 100 law students and lawyers from across Canada are already participating.

    The Project:
    The project involves editing case law for publication in the Domain Name Law Reports. is a free Internet service that provides a searchable index of domain name arbitration decisions, plus related legal resources. You will be provided with any training and assistance that you may require.

    The Credit:
    All students who complete at least ten case edits will receive an acknowledgment as an Associate Editor and a letter of reference. This is a volunteer position, but you will get some great experience and exposure to Internet law issues.

    All work is done entirely on-line through email correspondence and an Intranet. Assignment of cases to edit is done on line and the finished product is sent to a Senior Editor for review and inclusion on the web site.

    How Much Work:
    As much or as little time as you want for as long as you wish to participate in the project, however a commitment to completing at least 10 case edits is required. Each case takes about 1-2 hours to edit. More responsibility in the project is available for those who request it.

    If interested, send an email to

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