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Death Row Expressions:
Art as Medicine and Cultural Representation

An exhibition of prisoner's art at Boalt Hall, February-March 2001

[photos of the exhibition - coming soon]

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2001 - 12:30pm - Room 140, Boalt Hall

Alan Laird, artist, minister, community activist, local merchant, and Berkeley alum, discusses the controversial art exhibit featuring works by death row inmates to be displayed at Cafe Zeb in Boalt Hall beginning the week of Feb. 26th. We will exhibit a short video featuring the artwork and the moving stories behind them. Mr. Laird will discuss and answer questions about the art and his Expressions Art Gallery.
His own accomplished paintings, embedded with African American historical and cultural themes, will be displayed as part of the exhibit. Life in prison and on death row, the healing power of art, and African American culture are themes to be discussed.
Did you miss it? The temporary exhibit was displayed in Café Zeb beginning Monday the 26th, and coincided with African American History Month. But you can get a taste of it online (coming soon).
Sponsored by:
Boalt Criminal Law Association (BCLA),
Law Students of African Descent (LSAD),
Prisoner Action Coalition (PAC), and the
Center for Social Justice (CSJ)