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this page designed in 3/2001
and maintained by students
in boalt.org and PAC

About PAC -
the Prisoner Action Coalition

Students in PAC advocate
to improve conditions in California's prisons
and assist individual prisoners with legal matters.


  • Interviewing prisoners about civil rights and human rights abuses.
  • Assisting prisoners with legal research and referrals via correspondence and interviews.
  • Screening of "Truth to Power," which documented women prisoners' testimony about the reality of life in California's prisons.
  • Researching and preparing documentation for recent legislative hearings about women in prison.
  • Attending legislative hearings in October 2000 held inside Valley State Prison for Women.

PAC is a collaborative student organization, with members at Boalt and Hastings Law Schools. We also work with nonprofit organizations in the community, including Justice Network on Women and Legal Services for Prisoners with Children.

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