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Anything done well tends to be done in coalition.

Below are links to organizations that endeavor to contribute meaningful to the worldwide struggle to transform the United States and effect a post-subordination society.

¡Juntos sí podemos!

Asian American Law Journal

Berkeley Journal of African American Law and Policy
Berkeley Law Foundation
Berkeley Journal of Gender and Justice (a continuation of the Berkeley Women's Law Journal)
Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Law

Center for Latino Policy Research
Chicago Kent Hispanic Law Students Association (now defunct)

Center for Social Justice
Chicano-Latino Law Review
(at UCLA)

De Paul Latino Law Student Association

Harvard Latino Law Review
Hispanic Bar Association of Washington, DC

La Raza Law Students Association (at Boalt Hall)
LatCrit, Inc.
Lawyers for One America (now defunct)

National Latina & Latino Law Student Association

Thelton E. Henderson Center for Social Justice

University of Michigan Latino Law Students Association
University of Southern California La Raza Law Students