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VOLUME 13, NUMBER 2 (2002) -- Symposium Issue

Progressive Pedagogy: Challenging Master Narratives with Racial and Ethnic Curricular and Faculty Diversity

"Forget the Alamo": Race Courses as a Struggle Over History and Collective Memory
by Robert S. Chang

Barely at the Margins: Race and Ethnicity in Legal Education--A Curricular Study with LatCritical Commentary
by Francisco Valdes

The Story of "Towards Asian American Jurisprudence" and Its Implications for Latinas/os in American Law Schools
by John Hayakawa Török

Inter/National Migration of Labor: LatCritical Perspectives on Addressing Issues Arising with the Movement of Workers

Osmotic Borders: Thinking Locally, Thinking Globally about the Causes and Effects of Labor Migration
by Roberto L. Corrada

Agencies of Filipina Migrants in Globalized Economies: Transforming International Human Rights Legal Discourse
by Donna Maeda

"Latina/o-ization" of the Midwest: Cambio de Colores (Change of Colors) as Agromaquilas Expand into the Heartland
by Sylvia R. Lazos Vargas

The Past, Present and Future of the Puerto Rico - U.S. Colonial Relationship: Vieques, Transculturation, and Reparations

Reparations and the Colonial Dilemma: The Insurmountable Hurdles and Yet Transformative Benefits
by Ediberto Roman

Reparations Theory and Postcolonial Puerto Rico: Some Preliminary Thoughts
by Pedro A. Malavet

Vieques: The Past, Present, and Future of the Puerto Rico - U.S. Colonial Relationship
by Manuel Rodriguez Orellana

The Uses and Abuses of the Notion of Legal Transculturation: The Puerto Rican Example?
by Charles R. Venator Santiago

Social and Legal Change in Chile: Constructing New Bridges between Sociology and the Law through the Creation of a Latina/o-American Legal Realism

Cambios Sociales y Cambios Jurídicos en Chile: Construyendo Nuevos Puentes Entre Sociología y Derecho en la Promocíon del Realismo Jurídico Latinoamericano
by Hugo Rojas

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