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Internet Overview

Web is not equal to Internet Ė Web is port 80. There are an unlimited number of ports for Internet applications. FTP is generally port 21.

Web pages have a structure. The Web is not only a subset of the Internet, itís also a subset of a technology called SGML. In 1991, Tim Berners-Lee at CERN developed a subset of SGML called Hypertext Markup Language, abbreviated HTML. HTML servers communicated across port 80. When I want a document from you, I use an application to connect to you via port 80 across the internet to your IP address, which is like an Internet Phone Number.

Web pages are like a normal document one would type up. However, particular parts of the code are surrounded by TAGS, which are merely instructions for how a computer should display the text inside the tags. Everyone knows tags Ė both Microsoft Word and Corelís Wordperfect use tags, although they hide them from the user.

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